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Vulcan Flat Foot Power Rack Review: No Bolting!



A stable power rack doesn’t always need to be bolted to the floor – a flat foot base combines sturdiness with convenience, and with Vulcan’s 3×3 Flat Foot model you get just that. This Vulcan Flat Foot Power Rack review guide will go over everything you need to know about the rack and why you should consider it for your gym.

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Vulcan Flat Foot Power Rack Review


Specs and Features

Bolted down
Hole spacing
91 1/8″
53 1/4″ x 44 3/4″
2×3″ 11-gauge
Powdered black



Standing at 91.5 inches in height, the Vulcan Flat Foot Power Rack is very accommodating to tall people. At the top, you can choose between a standard pull-up bar and a multi-grip one.

This rack has a footprint of 48” x 49”, so it is also quite spacious horizontally. It has an inside depth of 42.5” x 30”.

While you have plenty of room to work with, the footprint on this power cage is smaller than other ones like the Rogue R3, which is 53” x 34” and is considered to be on the smaller side regarding total footprint.


The Flat Foot is a heavy piece of equipment, weighing 305 pounds when assembled.

It’s heavier than flagship models from other manufacturers such as Titan’s T-3, which weighs approximately 280 pounds.

Since this cage isn’t designed to be fixed into the ground, a more massive frame should be more beneficial for its stability, which will be discussed further.


Part of the reason why this power cage weighs so much is due to the steel it uses.

This rack uses 11-gauge steel measuring at 2” x 3” for the base and 3” x 3” for the uprights. 2” x 3” is frequently used on mid-to-high end training equipment, so this one meets the mark.

Although 2” x 3” uprights are so widely used on today’s top power racks, 3” x 3” are much more robust – the extra inch makes a big difference.


The Vulcan Flat Foot Power Rack can’t be bolted down. The flat foot base is one of this rack’s main selling points because it doesn’t require bolting to be stable. Since there is more steel being used overall, this contributes to its stability as well.

2” x 3” isn’t usually flimsy, but many racks that are based on it are still bolted down. If the Vulcan used steel with smaller measurements, it’s possible the flat foot base design wouldn’t work optimally.

Some people really dislike the idea of having to bolt down their equipment, while others feel more comfortable with it. If you happen to be in the latter group, you might want to check out some of Vulcan’s other models that can be secured into the ground.


Hole Spacing

Like other power rack brands, Vulcan makes use of Westside spacing for this model. This means that at the squat height, the holes will be spaced 2 inches apart while at bench height, they will be 1-inch from each other.

This allows you to find the perfect J-hook placement and lets you unrack and rerack the barbell effortlessly. All of this matters when trying to create the best possible position to get set up in.


This power rack uses a black powder coat for its finish, which is quite standard for basic, non-customized cages.

The finish has a sleek and glossy appearance that may be prone to scratching, but the J-hooks that use UMHW coating on their plastic may prolong the appearance of your rack and preserve your barbell.

Rack Accessories

Aside from the basic power rack which comes with pin-pipe safeties and a pair of J-hooks., Vulcan allows you to purchase extra attachments including:

  • Plate Storage
  • A Landmine
  • A Dip Horn

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be many other accessories from Vulcan; however, it is possible that you can find them from other brands and add them to your cage.

If the accessories are designed for 3×3 uprights, you may be in luck, but purchase at your own discretion.


The Flat Foot’s pricing is quite competitive. It’s not as cheap as a Titan T3, but it tends to be the same as, if not less expensive than, a lot of Rogue racks that are in the same tier.

In comparison to Vulcan’s other power cages, this one is definitely the most affordable one. The other ones are much larger overall, but the Flat Foot isn’t the smallest one. Vulcan’s Slim Fit is their most compact one, despite being a little more expensive than the 3×3 Flat Foot.

The Bottom Line

The Vulcan 3×3 Flat Foot takes a no-frills approach to power racks, and if you’re in the market for a dependable rack that gets the job done, this one is worth checking out.

The flat foot also adds to its ease of use and eliminates the need for any bolting to the ground, and overall, it should be straightforward to assemble.

From the new lifter to the experienced athlete, anyone can enjoy this heavy duty power rack for years to come, and Vulcan offers a lifetime warranty on their steel parts, so you know your training will be in good hands.

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