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Titan T-3 Review: Is It the Best Budget-Friendly Rack?



In this Titan T-3 review, we’ll be looking at why this power rack is one of Titan Fitness’s most popular products.

The T-3 Series is a broad line of products that Titan Fitness offers. It includes power racks, squat stands, folding racks, yolks, and more. This guide will go over the T-3 Series Tall power rack with 36” depth specifically, as there is another version with 24” depth. Overall, the T-3 is one of the most affordable flagship lines and can be an excellent addition to your gym.

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Titan T-3 Review

To start this review off, let’s look at some of the rack’s specs and features.

Specs and Features

Bolted down
Hole spacing
91 1/8″
53 1/4″ x 44 3/4″
2×3″ 11-gauge
Powdered black



Compared to the short version, which stands at 82 and ¼ inches, this tall rack is 91 and ⅛ inches in height, which is excellent for taller individuals, especially for accessing the pull-up bar, which sits at the 89-inch mark.

In terms of width, it has an inside width of 42 and ⅛ of an inch and an outside width of 53 and ¼. The inside is narrower than competitors like the Rogue R-3, but it’s wide enough to fit a bench in it and do all of your work sets comfortably.

As mentioned in the introduction, this power rack has a depth of 36 inches, which is on the higher-end when it comes to this measurement. While many people enjoy a shallower depth, like the 24-inch model, others will take advantage of the extra space that 36 inches can bring.


The T-3 Tall weighs 281 pounds, which means it’s not as heavy as some of the other cages on the market, such as the Rep Fitness PR-5000, but it’s still very sturdy nonetheless if bolted to the floor. It’s about 80 pounds heavier than its direct competitor, the Rogue R-3.


This power cage uses 2” x 3” 11-gauge steel, which allows it to be one of the most durable Titan models. The much-thinner Titan T-2 uses 2” x 2” with 14-gauge steel, to put it in perspective.


The T-3 is designed to be bolted down for the most stability. If freestanding, the rack will wobble, which is unsafe when handling any amount of weight.


Hole Spacing

In similar fashion to other top power cages, this rack uses different hole spacings at the bench and squat levels. This is known as Westside spacing. The lower holes are spaced 1-inch apart to help find the right height for bench pressing, and the middle-to-upper holes are 2-inches apart for squats.

The side holes are spaced 6 inches apart, which gives you some flexibility with organizing accessories, particularly with the weight storage pins.


This power rack uses the standard powdered black finish, but is glossier than others; therefore, it may be prone to scratches. Dings and scratches will inevitably happen with any product, but the finish that it uses may attract them more.

Rack Accessories

This rack, by default, comes with two pull-up bars with different thicknesses to suit your preferences (1 ¼ inch and 2-inches, respectively), a pair of J-hooks, 4 weight holders, and a couple of safety pins.

However, your accessory options don’t end here, and you can purchase some extra attachable devices such as:

  • A Dip Bar
  • Barbell Holders
  • Band Pegs
  • A Landmine
  • A Monolift

Additionally, if you prefer different J-hooks and safeties, you can always swap them for sandwich-style J-hooks, flip-down safety bars, or nylon safety straps.


Amongst all of the best power rack manufacturers, Titan Fitness is regarded as the most affordable one, and this includes their T-3 Series.

Need a rack that’s almost a couple hundred bucks cheaper than the Rogue R-3? You’ll be in great hands with the T-3, and it should be considered if you’re on a budget.

With the money you’ll save, you might even decide to pick up some extra attachments!

Either way, accessories or not, it’ll get the job done as it is and should last you a very long time, or best case scenario – forever. It supports 1,100 pounds when racked, and up to 4,400 if you include the stored weight, so this is a rack that can be with you every step of the way.

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The Bottom Line

Titan Fitness is the king of making budget-friendly power cages, and their T-3 Tall should please anyone who is interested in working out at home.

Although it’s affordable, this rack uses 2” x 3” 11-gauge steel just like more expensive brands, so you’ll get the same material for less. If the 36-inch depth seems too excessive, the 24-inch one can still be a viable option for you, and you’ll save a little more.

If bolted down, you have a sturdy and powerful tool for building strength, and it should be on your radar if you’re looking for a great cage. Compared to the other brands out there, it’s a contender for one of the best, but as for durable power racks on a budget, this one definitely wins in that category.

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