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Rogue Monster Rack Review: RM-3, RM-4 and RM-6



The Rogue Monster series of power racks are considered to be some of the best that Rogue has to offer. With the use of heavy-duty steel, having plenty of accessories, and allowing some customization, these racks were constructed with the advanced athlete in mind. In this Rogue Monster rack review, we’ll go over the specifications of the three racks that make up the Monster series – the RM-3, RM-4 and RM-6.

Power Rack
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40″ x 53″
53″ x 53″
80″ x 53″


Rogue Monster Rack: General Specifications

Each of the Rogue Monster racks share some common features, regardless of which model you decide to go with. These are the basic specifications that you can look forward to on your Monster Series equipment.


They come in three different heights you can choose from, 90”, 100” and 108”. This accommodates lifters of various statures. Just know that 100” is the standard height, and going with one of the other ones will affect the pricing.

Additionally, it will affect the height of the pull-up bar by 6-inches. For example, if you go with the 90” rack, the pull-up bar will be 84-inches from the ground, whereas, with the 100” one, it’ll be at 96”. At the highest, it’ll be 102” if you go with the 108-inch rack.

The material of choice for the Rogue Monster series is 3” x 3” 11-gauge steel. Generally included in top-of-the-line power racks, this is what allows them to be so durable. Compared to the 2” x 3” steel used on standard racks, 3” x 3” makes a significant difference.

Unfortunately, Rogue hasn’t listed the product weight for any of the Monster series racks, possibly due to height variations between each one. One thing for certain is that these are some of the heaviest on the market. This is due to their size and the material they’re made with.


With each Rogue Monster rack, you have the option to bolt it to the ground. However, due to the thick and heavy steel, there should be little to no movement if you prefer to leave it unbolted. Either option should meet stability needs.

Hole Spacing

The 1” holes are spaced 2-inches apart on the uprights. This contrasts with the Westside spacing seen on the {Monster Lite series}, which is another line of power racks offered by Rogue Fitness. Each hole is labeled, allowing you to find the right spot every time. Everything is laser-cut for precision.

By default, Rogue uses a high-quality black coating as its finish. On the other hand, you have the option of selecting between several different colors if you wish. This is one of the ways that Rogue gives you control over your entire experience.

The hardware finish uses black or bright zinc, depending on which one you pick. Both are quite resistant to corrosion and are used on Rogue’s famous barbells.

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The Rogue RM-3 is the most affordable flagship power rack in the Monster series. It offers the same basic features that every Rogue Monster rack has at a slightly reduced price. This makes it an excellent choice if you need something more condensed without sacrificing the core aspects of this line of equipment.

Specs and Features



As mentioned before, this particular model is more compact, and therefore it has the smallest dimensions and footprint out of the three Rogue Monster power cages.

It has a length of 36”, a width of 49”, and a depth of 30”, along with an overall footprint of 40” x 53”. Most people will do just fine with a rack this size, but if you seek something bigger, consider checking out the RM-4 or RM-6.

Additional Details

Rogue Monster Racks support a wide variety of pull-up bars that accommodate different grip preferences. The fat and skinny bars are a couple of the most popular ones, and Rogue allows you to use both if you wish.

Another feature that these power cages have to offer is the cross-member with the Rogue nameplate, which can be customized to whichever color you’d like, just like the main piece of equipment.

Lastly, because of its smaller depth, the RM-3 only allows you to use pin-pipes and straps as your safety options. If you prefer to use flip-down safeties, you’ll have to opt for the RM-4 or RM-6.


As mentioned earlier, the RM-3 is the most affordable of the flagship racks in the Monster series, being slightly less costly than the RM-4. However, it’s more expensive than some of Rogue’s other racks, such as the R-3.

The Good Vs the Bad

The Good
Most affordable in this series
Extremely safe and durable
Doesn’t take up as much space as RM-4 and RM-6
The Bad
Accessory items
Doesn’t support every accessory option
Plate storage
No plate storage
May require assistance to assemble


The Bottom Line

The Rogue RM-3, while being smaller, still allows you to have nearly every feature that you can get with the RM-4 and RM-6, aside from the flip-down safeties. Regardless of this minor downside, this shouldn’t be what makes or breaks your decision because the pin pipes and safety straps are very well-made, just like all Rogue products. This rack is high-quality, and aside from missing a thing or two essentially, the RM-3 easily contends with the larger ones.

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The Rogue RM-4 power rack is the direct successor to the RM-3, and while it has a lot of similarities to it, it also has a few key differences. Although the RM-3 is suitable for most people, the RM-4 model is great for those who want something a bit more spacious.

Specs and Features



The length of this power cage is one of the most noticeable differences between the RM-4 and the previous one. While the RM-3 has a length of 36”, this one is 49”. Likewise, the width is also 49”.

This rack has a depth of 43” and a footprint of 53” x 53”, so expect this one to take up more space than the more compact RM-3.

Additional Details

Aside from its larger frame and even better stability, another perk to going with the RM-4 is that it supports flip-down safeties. Other than this, there isn’t a drastic difference between the RM-3 and RM-4.

Also important to note is that the RM-4 still doesn’t have any plate storage, which is something that comes with the RM-6. Thankfully, this issue can be rectified with an external weight tree, which Rogue also offers.


The price jump from the RM-3 to the RM-4 is quite mild, and the extra cost is justified by the extra steel that is used to create the RM-4’s larger frame. Therefore, if you want a more spacious rack and the extra cost is inconsequential to you, the upgrade from an RM-3 may be worth it.

The Good Vs the Bad

The Good
Roomy and very comfortable
Supports more Rogue attachment features than the RM-3
Reasonable cost
A fair upgrade for the money
The Bad
Same drawbacks as the RM-3


The Bottom Line

Although the distinction between the Rogue RM-3 and RM-4 is modest in the grand scheme of things, some individuals prefer to have the extra space. To them, it can make a significant difference, and top-tier performance is the goal with these racks. If you’re one of these individuals who values comfort over cost, and you have enough space and can afford it, this is the perfect rack for you. Just keep in mind that you’ll more than likely have to find some way to store your weights.

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While the jump from an RM-3 to an RM-4 is quite unassuming, moving to the RM-6 is another story. The Rogue RM-6 power rack lives up to the “monster” name in this series and is at the pinnacle of weight training equipment. Professional lifters at the highest level will benefit from this one the most.

Specs and Features



The RM-6 is the largest one in this series, and possibly in the entirety of Rogue’s catalog. This cage has a length of 76”, a width of 49”, and a depth of 43”. It maintains the depth and width of the RM-4, but most of its length comes from the newly-added weight storage in the back.

The footprint of this power cage is 80” x 53”, so you’ll need to be sure that you have an adequate spot for this massive piece of equipment.

Additional Details

The main additions to the Rogue RM-6 are the 8 weight storage pegs. This offers a convenient way of organizing your plates, which is something that the other models did not have.

Even though stability isn’t an issue, the extra steel, particularly the 2 uprights that were used to add the plate holder pegs, and stored weight plates will help ensure that your power cage never budges.


The RM-6 is one of Rogue’s most expensive products and in comparison to the previous models, there’s a hefty price difference. If you compare the shortest RM-3 at 90” to the largest RM-6 at 108”, the price tag is almost doubled. For the average lifter or even many serious ones, this might not be justified. Instead, the RM-4 would be the most economical.

The Good Vs the Bad

The Good
Built like a tank
The most powerful Monster rack that Rogue has to offer
Plate holders
Added weight storage
Monster accessories
Supports all possible Monster accessories
The Bad
Takes up a lot of space
Takes more time to assemble than the RM-3 and RM-4
Significantly more expensive than other Monster series racks


The Bottom Line

The Rogue RM-6 is the cream of the crop in terms of power racks, and it has everything you’ll ever need. Nonetheless, with its steeper price tag, it’s up to you to decide if you will be able to take full advantage of it. In fact, many people may even prefer the two smaller models because they do what they’re supposed to do without occupying as much space.

Check Price/Buy: Rogue RM-6


Rogue Monster Series Accessories

Rogue offers a wide selection of high-quality accessories that allow you to tailor your power rack to your liking. Here are some of the different options:


  • Standard hooks (default option)
  • Sandwich hooks
  • 2” Sandwich hooks



  • Pin-pipes (default)
  • Nylon straps
  • Flip-down (not available with the RM-3)


Pull-Up Bars

  • Skinny
  • Fat
  • Pull-Up Curl Bar


Additionally, you can also purchase a landmine attachment, lever arms, a monolift, and even more, giving you a lot more control over your lifting experience.



The structural welds and frames of these top power cages are covered under a limited lifetime warranty, which means that it may become invalid if the product is damaged because of negligence and misuse.

If the rack is defective or breaks because of normal wear-and-tear, Rogue will repair or replace the part in question.

For more specifics and warranty information for other Rogue products, please visit:

Wrapping Up

Rogue’s Monster Series is built for the best of the best. However, it still has something for those who want a heavy-duty rack that should practically last a lifetime of use.

One of the benefits of going with a Rogue Monster rack is customization, and while some features may be left out here and there on specific ones, these are fully-functioning racks that allow you to pick from a variety of accessories. You can even choose the color of your frame, which is something you can’t do with most lines.

Although each Rogue Monster rack was built with world-class lifters in mind, you don’t need to be one to make use of them.

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