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Rep Fitness PR-5000 Review: A Rack for Serious Lifters!



A sturdy and robust power cage makes all the difference in a strength-training routine. Whether you’re looking to build a home or commercial gym, you shouldn’t settle for anything sub-par.

In this Rep Fitness PR-5000 review, we’ll be looking at a rack that can accommodate the most elite athletes.

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Rep Fitness PR-5000 Review


Specs and Features

Bolted down
Hole spacing
48″ x 36″
3×3″ 11-gauge



The Rep PR-5000 power rack is quite tall, with a height of 93 inches including the pull-up bar.

In regards to width, the product is 48 inches wide, which means that it’s spacious enough, but not to the point where the weights snag against any of the hardware. Cages that are too wide can sometimes cause problems with unracking and reracking the barbell. You shouldn’t run into that issue with this one.

Depth can vary depending on if you have the weight storage attachment or not. If you use the power cage by itself, the depth measures at 36 inches, but it can expand to 52 inches if you decide to get the extra storage.


Weighing in at 325lbs, it’s consistent with some of the most heavy-duty racks on the market. Compared to the budget-friendly PR-1000, it’s almost 180lbs heavier, but at the same time, it can support a lot more weight when racked on the J-hooks/cups.


One of the reasons the PR-5000 weighs so much is due to the steel that it uses. This power rack uses 3” x 3” 11-gauge steel for its frame, which is approximately 1/8th of an inch in thickness. The lower the steel’s gauge, the thicker it will be. To compare, the PR-1000 uses 14-gauge steel, so their difference is substantial.


It’s highly recommended that this rack be bolted down, but according to the manufacturer, doing this is optional and up to the discretion of the buyer.


Hole Spacing

This power rack is designed with laser-cut 2-inch hole spacing and assigns odd-numbers to them so that the people of all statures can find their perfect J-hook and barbell placement. This allows the user to set up the same way each time, effortlessly.


This rack uses a black coating on its hardware, and UHMW liners have been applied to areas that will be adjusted often. This is done to preserve the look of the paint, by preventing scratches and rusting.

Rack Accessories

The PR-5000 supports many different attachments and accessories, which is what you’d expect from a high-end strength training apparatus.

As mentioned before, you have the option of adding a weight storage area, which can give your cage more depth and will also be more convenient and organized at the same time.

Some other notable attachments that you can benefit from are:

  • Dip Bars
  • The Landmine
  • Band Pegs

On top of that, you can choose between three types of safeties. You can go with the pin-pipes, which are the most basic way to catch the barbell if you accidentally get stuck in the hole, or you can use flip-down safeties as well as straps, which are made from nylon and can improve the lifespan of your barbell.

You may also like additional barbell storage, which can either be hanged or placed in a tube stand. Extra pairs of J-hooks are also available for purchase, which can be useful if you want to perform exercises outside of the rack, such as barbell rows or overhead presses, but find swapping one pair back and forth to be inconvenient.

Finally, the last major add-on is the cable station that allows you to perform lat pulldowns and seated rows, giving you a more thorough experience.


Concerning price, the Rep Fitness PR-5000 is competitive with similar and top-rated power racks such as the {RML-3}. It’s more expensive than the Force USA MyRack, but cheaper than a lot of the EliteFTS 3×3 models.

For the cost, you get a very well-made cage that can potentially last a lifetime if you take care of it.

If you’re a dedicated lifter who’s looking to get many years of use out of your equipment, the Rep PR-5000 is exceptionally reliable at a fair pricing point. Of course, if you decide you need extra add-ons, expect it to increase considerably.

The Bottom Line

Being able to support up to 1,500lbs on the J-hooks is nothing to scoff at, and this power rack is suitable for even the best lifters in the world.

Every serious strength trainee or athlete deserves solid equipment that is built to last and finding the best power cage should be one’s #1 priority.

This is because it’s versatile – they’re not just for squats. Overhead presses, rows, and even benching can be done safely with a cage. You can also do pullups with different grips.

The Rep Fitness PR-5000 will be an excellent long-term investment for someone who’s looking to find affordability, reliability, and diversity (especially if you opt for the attachments) all in one great product.

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