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The Best Power Racks of 2019: Which Cage Is King?



The power rack, also known as the power cage, is one of the most important pieces of equipment for any gym. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best power racks available.

Best Power Racks: Review Guide


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Whether you’re building your own home gym or adding to an already existing gym, the power rack is one of the first pieces of equipment you should consider.

A stable, high-quality rack can act as the centerpiece for an entire gym. In fact, some of the strongest athletes in the world rely on little more than a rack, a barbell, and some weight plates to accomplish the entirety of their workouts.

Throughout this article, we’ll be looking at racks that are manufactured by brands such as Rogue Fitness, Vulcan Strength, and Titan Fitness. We’ll also look at a few that are made by lesser known companies but are still considered to be among the best.

Additionally, we’ll be taking a look at all the factors that should be considered when choosing one.

With all that being said, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of this article, which is to review some of the best power racks available!

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Rogue Fitness Cages


Rogue Monster Series racks are made from high quality 3×3” 11 gauge steel. The holes on the RM-6, RM-4, and RM-3 are spaced 2” apart. Every cage in the Monster Series uses 1” hardware for maximum sturdiness. None of them need to be bolted down to the floor.

All of the racks in the Rogue Monster Series comes with three options for height (90”, 100”, and 108”), ten color options (bright blue, bright green, burnt orange, dark blue, dark red, gunmetal, light gray, rogue red, satin black, and satin clear), and two hardware finish options (bright zinc and black zinc), making them customizable according to space needs and aesthetic preferences.

With over 60 compatible accessories, including landmine attachments, pull up bars, leg rollers, lever arms, crossmembers, and speed bag platforms, the Rogue Monster Series includes some of the best power racks on the market when it comes to versatility.

Rogue RM-6

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The Rogue RM-6 is a serious piece of equipment for serious lifters. Professional grade, customizable, and dependable – this is one of the best cages available and is relied upon by professional athletes all around the world.

The RM-6 is built like a tank. It’s 76” long and 49” wide. Its footprint is 80” x 53”.

Versatility is one of its best features. It’ll transform any room it’s placed in into your ideal personal gym.

If you’re looking to feel as secure as possible during your workout, this behemoth of a rack is probably your best option.

Rogue RM-4

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The Rogue RM-4 offers all the quality of the Rogue RM-6 at a more affordable price.

With a rock-solid steel frame and some of the best options for customization on the market, the Rogue RM-4 lets you work out like the professionals.

The RM-4 has a length of 49”, a width of 49” and a 53” x 53” footprint, meaning that it takes up considerably less space than the larger Rogue RM-6.

The Rogue RM-4 can be compared to the similar Rogue RM-4 Fortis, which comes with fully welded panels, but lacks options for height, color, and finish customization and has to be bolted to the floor.

Rogue RM-3

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As the most compact and affordable cage in the Rogue Monster Series, the RM-3 is ideal if you want the best power rack available while saving space and money.

This one is 36” long and 49” wide, and has a 40” x 53” footprint. With such a relatively small footprint, it’s considerably smaller than that of the comparable {RM-390F Flat Foot}.

The RM-3 is the same size as the RM-3 Fortis but is far more customizable and doesn’t need to be bolted to the floor.

The Rogue RM-3 gives you all of the stability and versatility of the larger cages in the Monster series while taking up less room.

The RM-3 is perfect for tighter budgets and smaller spaces but does not sacrifice any of the quality of the larger models.

Rogue Monster Series: The Bottom Line

With the Rogue Monster Series, you get a choice of large, medium or small. Even though they’re slightly different when being compared to each other, they’re all designed and manufactured to meet high-quality standards.

Regardless of which one you choose, you can’t go wrong.

Check Price/Buy: Rogue Monster Series


The Monster Lite Series of Rogue racks gives you the quality, versatility, and aesthetic of the Monster Series at a lower average price. Like the higher-end Monster Series, the Monster Lite Series uses rock solid 3×3” 11 gauge steel.

These racks use Westside hole spacing, meaning the holes for the bench and clean pull area are spaced 1” apart while holes for the higher squat area are spaced 2” apart.

Bars, benches, and plates can be added when you order a Monster Lite rack.

Rogue RML-690

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Being the top of the Monster Lite Series, the RML-690 is larger and more expensive than the RML-490 and the RML-3. If you have space and extra money to spend, the RML-690 is an excellent option.

The RML-690 is 76” long, 49” wide, and 90.375” high with a product weight of 530lbs. Its footprint is 80” x 53”.

This rack is stable enough for serious lifting even without being bolted to the floor.

A satin clear hardware finish makes the RML-690 look outstanding in addition to feeling outstanding.

The RML-690C version offers color options but is more expensive.

Rogue RML-490

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A step down from the RML-690, in price and size, the Rogue RML-490 is a fantastic mid-range cage.

The RML-690 is 49” long and 49” wide with a product weight of 336lbs. Its footprint is 53” x 53”.

When you order the RML-490, you have the option to add a stabilizer. If you do not order and use the stabilizer, it has to be bolted to the floor for stability.

For more color options, get the RML-490C.

If you’re looking for quality, versatility, and dependability at an affordable price, the RML-490 might be the best option.

Rogue RML-3

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The RML-3 is the smallest and most affordable power rack in Rogue’s Monster Lite Series. Choose this one and you’ll get the same strength and dependability (with 3×3” 11 gauge steel) as larger racks in the series but at a lower price.

The RML-3 has a footprint of 53” by 34” with a 49” length and 30” width. It must be bolted to the floor.

Other versions of it include the RML-390C and RML-390F, which doesn’t have to be bolted.

If you need the best quality power rack on the market that can fit in a relatively conservative space, the RML-3 is your best option.

Rogue Monster Lite Series: The Bottom Line

Rogue Fitness is well-known for providing its customers with quality gym equipment, which also applies to their Monster Lite racks.

If you choose the RML-690, RML-490, or RML-3, you’re choosing one of the best power racks on the market. When in doubt, go with the best.

Check Price/Buy: Rogue Monster Lite Series


The Rogue R-Series is a series of three cages, ranging from relatively large and expensive to relatively compact and inexpensive. Each rack in the series is rock solid (2×3” 11 gauge steel) and can be ordered along with additional bars, benches, and plates.

They use the Westside hole spacing system with holes in the bench area 1” apart and holes in the squat area 2” apart. A stylish black powder hardware finish adds to the aesthetics of the Rogue R-Series.

Rogue R-6

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The Rogue R-6 is the beefiest in the R-Series. It’s large and sturdy enough to not require bolting to the floor.

The Rogue R-6 has a length of 76”, a width of 47”, a footprint of 80” x 53”, and a product weight of 300lbs (which is considerably lighter than Rogue racks of similar sizes in the Monster and Monster Lite series).

If you’re looking for the perfect cornerstone of your training space, look no further than the Rogue R-6. It provides some of the best dependability and versatility on the market.

Choose the R-6 and you’ll pay a bit more than you would for the others in the series, but you’ll get increased stability and more space for lifting.

Rogue R-4

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With a footprint of 53” x 53” and product weight of 250 lbs, the Rogue R-4 is one step down from the R-6, in both size and price. It’ll take up less of your space and budget than the larger Rogue racks while providing all of the customization options and quality you expect.

When you order the Rogue R-4, you have the option to order a stabilizer, as well. If you do not elect to purchase the stabilizer, the R-4 should be bolted to the floor to ensure stability.

If you’re looking to buy the last power cage you’ll ever need, the R-4 is an excellent choice. The R-4 is built to last and will allow you to get the most out of your training for decades to come.

Rogue R-3

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Work out like some of the best lifters of all-time with the Rogue R-3. The R-3 is the smallest and most affordable in the R-Series, but don’t let its relative size fool you. It can be compared to the ones used by Westside Barbell’s elite powerlifters.

The R-3 must be bolted to the floor to ensure safety and stability.

The standard depth is 24”, but you can choose to change it to 30” for an additional charge.

The Rogue R-3 can be compared to the Rogue Bolt-Together R-3, which has panels that bolt together rather welded ones.

With a length of 24” (or 30”), a width of 43”, and a footprint of 34” (or 40”) x 53”, the R-3 is big enough to act as the foundation for your home gym while compact enough to leave some room for other equipment.

Rogue Infinity R-Series: The Bottom Line

With the Rogue Infinity-R Series, you’re getting top-of-the-line equipment. If you want to choose one of the best power racks without having to do a bunch of extra research, we recommend considering any of the ones in this series. (Just remember to make sure it’ll fit in your gym.)

Check Price/Buy: Rogue Infinity R-Series


Vulcan Strength Cages


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Welcome to the top of the line. The Vulcan Absolute is only for the most serious lifters who are looking for the best.


With its heavy gauge 3×3” steel, huge 48” x 72” footprint, and solid steel safety rods, the Vulcan Absolute represents the pinnacle of stability, power, and durability. It doesn’t need to be bolted to the floor.

This rack uses 2” spacing between its 1” holes. Its uprights have holes on all sides for maximum customization and room for attachments. Black zinc coated hardware and a black powder coated hardware finish give it the awesome aesthetic it deserves.

The Vulcan Absolute’s price is higher than that of the Vulcan Standard and Vulcan Flat Foot, but you get what you pay for. There is no Vulcan cage that offers more stability and space for training.

Optional accessories include plate storage posts, safety spotters, dual vertical Olympic bar holders, rope pull attachments, safety spotter straps, wall ball targets, and dip horns.

The Bottom Line

The Vulcan Absolute by itself is the perfect foundation for any home gym, but adding accessories only increases its utility.

Check Price/Buy: Vulcan Absolute


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If you love the versatility, quality, and aesthetics of the Vulcan Absolute, but lack the budget or space for it, the Vulcan Standard is an excellent option.


The Vulcan Standard uses the same heavy-duty construction model as the Absolute with its heavy gauge 3×3” steel, and the same professional aesthetic with black zinc coated hardware and black powder coated finish.

Unlike the Absolute, the Vulcan Standard should be bolted to the floor.

This rack’s 1” holes are spaced 2” apart. Its uprights have holes on all sides for maximum customization and room for attachments.

The Vulcan Standard’s footprint is 55” x 55”. Foot pads (7” x 97” wide) are added to increase stability.

Customization is a strength of the Vulcan Standard’s. When you order the Vulcan Standard, you’ll have options to add plate storage posts, safety spotters, dual vertical Olympic bar holders, rope pull attachments, safety spotter straps, wall ball targets, and dip horns.

The safety spotters are made of 1” solid steel, which is considerably stronger than the 0.625” steel used by some competitors.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a mid-range power rack with all the quality of more expensive ones, the Vulcan Standard is for you.

Check Price/Buy: Vulcan Absolute


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The Vulcan Flat Foot is one of the most highly-reviewed and best power racks on the market.


Despite its relatively low price and relatively small 48” x 49” footprint, the Flat Foot packs a huge amount of quality, stability, and reliability into its rock solid steel frame made from 3×3” steel uprights with 11 gauge thickness and 2×3” steel base, also with 11 gauge thickness.

Westside hole spacing is used on this rack.

10mm steel gussets, 0.625” pin and pipe safeties, and a product weight of 305 lbs mean that even though it’s smaller than the Vulcan Absolute and Standard, it isn’t lacking in stability. In fact, it doesn’t even need to be bolted to the floor.

A standard 1.25” pull up bar, UHMW J hooks, and multi-grip bar are all included at no extra cost. For additional charges, you can add Dip Horns, Landmine Attachments, and Plate Storage Pairs.

Black oxide hardware and a black powder coat finish ensure that the Vulcan Flat Foot looks as professional as it feels.

The Bottom Line

At its price point, it’s hard to find a better option than the Vulcan Flat Foot.

Check Price/Buy: Vulcan Flat Foot


Titan Fitness Cages


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The Titan X-6 is the top of the Titan line when it comes to racks. It offers the quality and stability of the widely revered Titan X-3 with even more size and versatility.


With a product weight of 513lbs, a height of 92”, an inside base width of 48”, an extension width of 24”, an inside depth front of 24”, an inside depth back of 24”, and an overall outside depth of 54”, the X-6 offers a lot of room to lift in.

Please note that the X-6 can be bought according to different space and height needs; the X-6 Short is available as are X-6 cages with different dimensions.

The Steel uprights are made with 3” x 3” 11 gauge steel, making it as strong as a tank.

The X-6 doesn’t have to be bolted to the floor.

Two pull up bars are included with the X-6 at no extra cost, as are UHMW lined HD J-hooks and Pine-Pipe Safeties. The holes in the uprights are laser cut and spaced according to Westside standards.

The Bottom Line

The X-6 has been praised for its tremendous value for money. While offering all of the performance of some of its competitors, the X-6 has a much lower price point. Big, solid, and strong, the X-6 is all you need for serious training.

Check Price/Buy: Titan X-6


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Choose the Titan X-3 and you won’t believe the quality you receive for the price.


With a 42” width, a 36” depth, and a footprint of 52” x 46”, the X-3 gives you all the room you need to lift. Its steel uprights are constructed from 3×3” 11 gauge steel, providing heavy-duty support.

The X-3 weighs 349 lbs, and it utilizes Westside hole spacing. For optimal stability, the X-3 can be bolted to the floor.

Similar to the X-6 model, there’s no shortage of options. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet all preferences, including the X-3 Short and the X-3 Flat Foot, which doesn’t have to be bolted down.

UHMW padded X-3 J-hooks, two pin-pipe safeties, four band pegs, four Olympic weight plate holders, and two pull up bars (one fat and one skinny) are included when you order the X-3.

The Bottom Line

The X-3 is a great choice if you’re looking for value and reliability.

Check Price/Buy: Titan X-3


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You might have a budget, but that doesn’t mean you’ll sacrifice quality or stability. For lifters that can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on a rack, the Titan T-3 is an excellent choice.


The steel tubes on the T-3 are 2×3”, and the uprights feature 6” side hole spacing.

You can pack a lot of weight on the T-3 without worrying. Its hook capacity is 1,100lbs and its whole rack capacity is 4,400lbs.

The rack itself weighs in at 281lbs. The inside width is 42 ⅛”, while the outside width is 53 ¼”. The inside depth is 36” and the total floor space it’ll take up is 16.7 square feet.

1.25” and 2” pull up bars are also included.

If you’re interested in the T-3 but worried about its 91 ⅛” height, the T-3 Short may be the perfect option for you. The T-3 and the T-3 Short can also be ordered with 24” depths, rather than the standard 36” depth.

The Bottom Line

There’s no need to spend more than you need to for great quality in powerlifting, and the Titan T-3 proves it. It’s one of the best power racks on the market and will lead you to great gains without emptying your wallet.

Check Price/Buy: Titan T-3


Honorable Mentions


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Versatile, rock solid, and built to last. The Rep Fitness PR-5000 is the last power cage you’ll ever need.


The PR-5000 is 92” high (93” including pull up bar), 48” wide, and 36” long (56” with weight storage). It weighs 325lbs (500lbs including weight storage).

This 100% steel rack is thick, sturdy, and durable, even without needing to be bolted down. The full-rack design with 3×3” uprights provides greater safety and stability than half-rack alternatives.

With holes spaced 2” apart, laser cut numbers, and custom safeties (choose between pin/pipe, flip-down, or strap), setting the bar for your workouts is quicker and easier than ever.

The professional-grade quality and stainless steel nameplate complete its aesthetic.

To complement this rack, you can choose to add a landmine attachment, a dip attachment, a tube attachment for barbell storage, a dual barbell hanger attachment, additional band pegs (for band and chain storage), and additional sandwich J-cups.

Compared to similar racks, the Rep PR-5000 boasts top-quality features at a mid-range price.

The Bottom Line

If you’re committed to strength training, the Rep PR-5000 is the perfect arena for making gains.

Check Price/Buy: Rep Fitness PR-5000


Check Price/Buy


Excellent quality doesn’t always demand a huge price tag. The Force USA MyRack is versatile, sturdy, and efficient while being one of the most affordable cages on the market.


At 47” wide, 55” deep, and 87” high, with a product weight of 176lbs, this is a relatively compact and light power rack, ideal for small spaces.

2.4×2.4” 12 gauge steel uprights keep it stable, even without needing to be bolted to the floor. The holes in the uprights use Westside spacing.

Despite its relative size, customization and utility for many different exercises are clear strengths of the Force USA MyRack. When you order it, you have the option to add several different types of chin-up bars, J-hooks, safeties, cable crossovers, lat pull downs, band pegs, dip handles, and more.

The Bottom Line

With a low price point, compact size, and a ridiculous amount of customization options, you can’t beat the value and quality of the Force USA MyRack.

Check Price/Buy: Force USA MyRack


What to Look for in a Power Rack

If you’re looking into buying a cage, it’s probably because you already know at least a little something about weight training, so we won’t get into that here. What we’ll get into is what needs to be taken into consideration when looking for one.

Your main considerations when looking should be its stability, versatility, footprint, height, aesthetics, and price.


Stability is a key concern when it comes to power racks. If you can’t count on it to hold a barbell with some serious weight on it, then you shouldn’t even think about buying it.

Another thing that should be taken into account is whether or not it needs to be bolted to the floor. Some of the bigger and more stable ones don’t need to be, while others do. Before buying one that has to be bolted down, make sure that your gym has the appropriate type of floor for doing so.


Versatility is also something that should be paid attention to when choosing a rack. Some are built with versatility and customization in mind, while others aren’t. If you’re really interested in attachments, like band pegs and plate holders, you should familiarize yourself with manufacturers that are known for providing them, such as Rogue Fitness.


Size is often the main consideration when lifters consider their options for racks. While a larger one gives you more room to move around in and possibly more accessibility for attachments, it’ll also take up more floor space.

Always consider the size of the area it’ll be placed in. If you only have a small room to put it in, you’ll likely be better off looking at smaller ones. If you have a huge garage or other large room, you will have more options.


The height of your gym’s ceiling should also be taken into account. It would suck to buy a power rack just to find out that it’s taller than your gym’s ceiling. Some manufacturers make short versions to accommodate lifters with low ceilings. We’ll be looking at a few cages like that in this article.


Does it matter to you how your cage looks? To some, it will. To others, it won’t. If you care about what it looks like, be sure to pay attention to the hardware finish and color options. Some are more customizable than others and may even offer different colors. Most will be a dark color, but some can even be ordered in lighter, brighter colors.


Price is almost always one of the first things to consider when buying anything, and a power rack is no exception. Unless “money isn’t a problem” for you, cost needs to be considered.

These are heavy duty pieces of equipment that are built to last, so it shouldn’t shock you to see that their prices are often quite high. That doesn’t mean, however, that you need to spend tons to get quality. Racks at the highest price point usually offer increased customization options and thoughtful touches. Those at the lower end of the range usually offer similar quality and stability with fewer frills. In short, cheaper isn’t always worse.

Choose the Perfect Cage for You

It’s important to remember that there is no shortage of options to choose from when looking for a power rack. There are several well-known and respected brands that make a variety of options for all sizes and price points.

Don’t settle. Decide what you’re looking for, do your research, and read reviews, then, you should be able to find the perfect one for you.


Wrapping Up

As you can see, there’s no shortage of options available. If you’re in the market for a new power rack, the biggest task won’t be finding one; it’ll be finding the right one.

As we stated earlier in this article, you’ll give yourself the best chance of success by first deciding what kind you’re looking for based on your needs and goals. Once you figure that out, you’ll be able to sift through the ones we listed here to help find one that matches your criteria.

The purpose of this article is to help home and commercial gym owners make an informed decision when deciding which rack to buy.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re better informed about power racks and are able to find one that will be an awesome addition to your gym!

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