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Rogue Olympic WL Bar Review: One of the Best



Whether you’re new to Olympic weightlifting or have been a weightlifter for quite some time, having a good quality barbell is of the utmost importance. One of the most well-known providers of high-quality barbells is Rogue Fitness, and in this Rogue Olympic WL Bar review, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at one of the best barbells in their catalog.

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Rogue Olympic WL Bar Review


Specs and Features

Shaft diameter
Sleeve length
Tensile strength
Knurling aggressiveness
Knurl marks
Center knurling
Rotation system
Olympic weightlifting
20kg (men’s) and 15kg (women’s)
28mm (men’s) and 24mm (women’s)
16.25″ (men’s) and 12.50″ (women’s)
215k PSI
Moderately aggressive
Bright zinc, Cerakote and stainless steel


Type, Weight and Dimensions

The men’s version of the Rogue Olympic WL Bar is approximately 7 feet long. It weighs in at 20 kilograms, has a 28 millimeter shaft diameter and has a loadable sleeve length of roughly 16.25 inches.

The women’s version is around 6.5 feet long, and weighs 15 kilograms. It has a shaft diameter of 25 millimeters and a loadable sleeve length of 12.5 inches.

Tensile Strength

Rogue barbells are known for being constructed with top-quality steel, and this one is no different. The bright zinc and Cerakote versions have a tensile strength rating of 215,000 PSI and the stainless steel version has a rating of 200,000 PSI.


The knurling is moderately aggressive. It’s coarse enough to ensure you’re able to maintain a solid grip, but not so much that it rips your hands open.

The bright zinc version comes with and without center knurling. If you plan on using this bar to back squat, you can opt for the one with center knurl.

Sleeve Assembly

This bar comes with 5 high-quality needle bearings in each sleeve, providing exceptionally smooth and clean sleeve spin. If you’re accustomed to using cheap bushing bars, you’ll definitely be able to tell the difference.



A good Olympic bar should have just the right amount of “whip”, and the Olympic WL Bar definitely doesn’t disappoint. The people at Rogue designed this bar to be “whippy”, which will help when bouncing out of the bottom of a clean.


Of all the finish options, bright zinc is the most susceptible to oxidation. To prevent it from rusting, you’ll have to perform regular maintenance on it. The women’s version of the bar is only available in bright zinc.

The Cerakote version will need to be cleaned and oiled semi-regularly. Also, this version is available in 5 different color options.

The stainless steel version of the bar is the most resistant to corrosion, and will rarely need to be cleaned.


As is the case for all Rogue barbells, this one comes with a lifetime warranty, which goes to show that they’re extremely confident in the quality of their products.


With this being an Olympic bearing bar, it’s not going to come cheap. Although it’s somewhat expensive, it doesn’t cost as much as the {Eleiko IWF WL Competition Bar}.

Depending on the version, the price can be lower or higher. The stainless steel version is the most expensive, and the bright zinc version is the least expensive. The Cerakote version is in the middle, costing less than stainless steel, but more than the bright zinc.

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The Bottom Line

The Rogue Olympic WL Bar is a terrific deal for anyone looking to buy a high-quality Olympic weightlifting barbell. The cost may be a deterrent, but as we’ve mentioned in some of our other barbell reviews, you get what you pay before.

This barbell meets many of the important criteria for being a good Olympic bar, such as having a high tensile strength rating, the right amount of whip and an oxidation resistant finish.

This bar should be high on your list if you’re searching for a top-quality Olympic weightlifting barbell!

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