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Eleiko Performance Weightlifting Bar NxG Review



Eleiko bars debuted at the Weightlifting World Championships in 1963. Back then, they made headlines as the first bars to last an entire competition intact. Today, their company name is pretty much synonymous with Olympic weightlifting.

Even with their outstanding reputation, Eleiko has continued to improve upon their products, with their newest improvement being the NxG line. The acronym “NxG” stands for Next Generation. Barbells dubbed with this name are updated versions of older bars.

In this Eleiko Performance Weightlifting Bar NxG review, we’re going to determine whether or not this bar meets the same quality standards as Eleiko’s other barbells.

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Eleiko Performance Weightlifting Bar NxG Review


Specs and Features

Shaft diameter
Sleeve length
Tensile strength
Knurling aggressiveness
Knurl marks
Center knurling
Rotation system
Olympic weightlifting
445mm (1.5′)
215k PSI
Competition aggressive
12 years


Type, Weight and Dimensions

The Eleiko Performance Weightlifting Bar NxG is 2200 millimeters, or approximately 7.2 feet, long. It weighs 20 kilograms and has a 28 millimeter shaft diameter. The length of its sleeves is 445 millimeters, or roughly 1.5 feet.


Eleiko worked together with Swedish steel manufactures to develop the perfect steel for this bar. It’s made with some of the finest stainless steel Sweden has to offer, giving it a tensile strength rating of 215,000 PSI.


Unlike a competition bar, this bar was designed to be used frequently and consistently, so the knurling is moderately aggressive.

If you’re looking for a barbell that’s similar to a competition bar, but doesn’t have overly aggressive knurling, this one is a good choice.

This bar comes with center knurl, which is milder than the rest of the bar’s knurling.

Sleeve Assembly

Olympic lifting is not only a test of a lifter’s strength; it’s also about power and technique, and sleeve spin plays a huge role. A lifter must position themselves under the bar as quickly as possible without losing their grip, so the use of a high-quality sleeve rotation system is a necessity.

In the case of the Eleiko Performance Weightlifting Bar NxG, needle bearings are used. It comes with eight needle bearings, four in each sleeve. This ensures that the sleeves spin smoothly.

Over time, chalk and dust can adversely affect bar spin and, ultimately, performance. To help prevent this, Eleiko added a dust-proof seal to the sleeves.



Eleiko’s Olympic weightlifting bars are known for having the perfect amount of “whip” for performing the Olympic lifts, and this one doesn’t stray from the pack.

Whip is a barbell’s ability to flex, and Olympic weightlifting bars are constructed to be flexible. A barbell’s flexibility determines its ability to oscillate. When performing the clean and jerk, an oscillating barbell can help a lifter complete the lift.

In contrast, powerlifting bars don’t require the same amount of whip.


This bar is plated with chrome, so it won’t require as much maintenance as other barbells.

When it does come time to perform maintenance on the bar, you won’t have to worry about purchasing a brush. Eleiko includes a plastic brush with this bar.


Not only does Eleiko deliver a promise of superior quality, but they also guarantee it. The Eleiko Performance Weightlifting Bar NxG comes with a 12 year warranty.


When it comes to barbell manufacturers, Eleiko is considered to be the cream of the crop. It would be unrealistic to expect to this barbell to come cheap. With that being said, this bar costs less than its NxG counterparts, which are the IWF Weightlifting Training Bar NxG and the IWF Weightlifting Competition Bar NxG.

The Good Vs the Bad

The Good
Strong steel
215k PSI tensile rating
Smooth sleeve spin
Has the right amount of whip for Oly lifting
Moderate knurling
Not too smooth, but not too sharp either
Chrome coating
Spend more time training, and less time doing maintenance
The Bad
It’s expensive
If you have a low budget, it may be too costly


A Closer Look at the Bar


The Bottom Line

If you’re a CrossFitter or novice weightlifter, the Eleiko Performace Weightlifting Bar NxG is perfect, assuming you have the budget for it.

It’s made to the same standard as Eleiko’s competition bars, but has less aggressive knurling, making it great for regular training.

If you’re in the market for a new training bar, you should consider this one.

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